Orbi RBK40 Router and Satellite setup

Orbi RBK40 is a high-performing Whole Home Mesh WIFI system. It can cover your home and the office up to the area of 4000 sq. feet without any leakage or blocks. The whole system includes a router along with the satellites. It emits the fast internet speed for all of your devices, and the dedicated WIFI connection gives you the rapid-fire and most consistent internet speed. With the seamless network of your Orbilogin.com RBK40, you get room to room signals that won’t trouble you with the dropping issues. You can run this system with any of the major internet service providers, such as Comcast, AT&T, Verizon Fios, and many more. This unique and special WIFI system by NETGEAR Orbi gives you a very easy setup, installation, parental control, and guest network setup. 

Setup your Orbi RBK40 using orbilogin.com

  1. The current version of your Orbi app is not able to reset your Orbi password using the app, you have to use your Orbi app password. 
  2. Download and install the browser in yourOrbi RBK40 device/mobile and launch the browser. After launching the browser enter the following address;
  3. Enter https://my.netgear.com/registration/login.aspx at the address bar of the browser and then click the search tab. You can see my NETGEAR page.
  4. On this page you have to click the option with the heading “Forgot your Password?” then the window will be shown to you to reset your password.
  5. Now, you have to enter the email address that you have associated with your Orbi account. 
  6. Full fill the captcha and click the option “Reset My Password”. An email will be sent on the address that you have provided while creating your Orbi account. 
  7. Design and create a new password and confirm it in the field where it would ask you to fill the password. 
  8. Then tap on the tab SUBMIT, and thus your password has been reset.

Setup Orbi router with your Satellite

  • Detach the modem from all of the power sockets and remove the batteries that it is carrying on the back shelve. After waiting for few minutes, attach the modem back to the power socket of your home, and insert the batteries that you have taken out. 
  • Connect the modem with the yellow port of your Orbi RBK40 router. For this, you need to use the included Ethernet cable with your product. 
  • One of the edges of your Ethernet cable will go into the WAN port of your router and the other will remain in the WAN port of the modem.
  • Now enter the power adapter into the power slot of the router and then hook it to the electric outlet of your house. Then press the power button very carefully to power on the LEDs of the router.
  • The ring LED of your ORBI RBK40 will first light up to solid white and then pulse white. To get the best coverage out for your router, place the RBK40 satellite in the middle of your house where no blockage, hurdles, and large objects should be placed.
  • Now connect your Orbi satellite to the power resource, and watch the behaviour of the LEDs carefully. 
  • If the power LED is not blinking on the back of your router, then press the power ON/OFF button. Now the ring LED of your satellite should blink solid white, later on, pulse white, and pulse Magenta.
  • When the satellite attempts to connect or sync with the router, then the ring LED of the satellite will light pulse magenta for 2 or three minutes.
  • You can observe the status of the LEDs through its lightening behaviour.
  • If it is solid blue that means the synchronization is pretty well and has completed successfully between the router and the satellite. 
  • If the Ring LED is a Solid magnet, that means the process of synchronization has failed and you need to place both the devices closer to each other. Then try the whole process again from scratch.
  • Solid amber is the proof that the connection of your satellite with the RBK40 router is fair, if you bring the router a little closer to the RBS40 satellite, then it will pulse solid blue.
  • If the ring LED is still not showing a Solid blue LED, then you have to press the ultimate Sync button on your satellite and the router, then both devices will automatically sync and connect.
  • Now take the computer that you have or you can also take the mobile device that you are using to configure the router and the satellite.
  • Connect the device with your Orbi RBK40 router. For this connection to use Ethernet cable. 
  • Note down and keep three important details with you. The SSID, the password, and the user ID of your router. These details can easily be grasped from the label or the sticker of your router. 
  • Download the Orbi app in your device and launch it as fast as you can. Navigate the browser’s search bar to the web URL http://orbilogin.com to connect your router with the WIFI network of your Orbi RBS40 satellite. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process. As soon as you will finish the setup process, the ring LED over the router will turn off.  

Unable to access www.orbilogin.com

  • Your Orbi devices, that is the router, modem, or the satellite should be connected to the active power source, and if your devices have fully powered on then check for the LED status, it must light green.  
  • The client devices that you have connected to the router’s WIFI network or the LAN port of your router, the default WIFI information will be located on the label of the product, of your Orbi router.
  • To access the login page of your router and the satellite use orbilogin.com, or use ww.orbilogin.net or you can use in the web browser of your computer or any device that you are operating for the configuration process.
  • In case you have changed the default SSID, and the password, then they will not be helpful to get the login page of your Orbi router. You have to use the username and password that you have personalized. 
  • But if you have not changed the WIFI password, then you can use the default one to access the basic home page of your router.
  • The modem should only be connected to the internet port of your router that is also called the WAN port. The computer should be connected to the LAN port of your router. 
  • If your browser has become used to the login address orbilogin.com or orbilogin.net then you should try to access the login page using another web browser like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  • Try to change the setup device or the configuration device to install the router. Power cycle the modem and the router by disconnecting them from the all power sockets and cable connections.
  • Reset the whole device to the factory default settings if all the above-explained resolutions are not useful then you need to implement this step. 

Orbilogin.com Firmware Update

Connect the mobile device to the WIFI network of your router by logging into the router’s basic home page through www.orbilogin.com Then launch the Orbi app from the mobile to continue the process.

Enter the ADMIN password of the NETGEAR Orbi router, and then sign in to the Orbi account. Go to the top-left corner, and tap the menu icon to unlock the next options. 

Select the option Settings, next is to select the Router Settings, and scroll down. Tap the next option “Check for Update”, if you find that the updates are available, then click and follow the onscreen instructions to update the firmware of your router.

Orbi Router SSID and the password change

Unlock and launch theOrbi Router SSID and password change Orbi app through your connected device (with the router). It should also have a WIFI network. Enter the user name and the password and tap the SIGN IN button to log in to your account. 

Then the dashboard will have appeared on the screen. Then tap the WIFI settings, and type the new SSID in the field where you see the heading “WIFI Network Name (SSID)”.

The next step is to type the new password in the “NETWORK Key (Password)” field. Tap the SAVE OPTION. Now your settings have saved properly.

Why my Orbilogin.net is offline?

  1. If your Network is offline and you are unable to load the Orbilogin.com website page, then you are not connected to your WIFI network. You have to do some needful attempts to solve this problem. Downward are the steps that can help you a lot to remove this problem. The connection between your modem, router, and configurational device is very important, you need to check these connections very carefully.
  2. The first is to check your modem that is connected to the internet connection or not. By connecting a computer or the laptop to your modem you can check whether your device has connected to the internet or not. Shutdown and restart the router to make sure that the router is not the part of the error. 
  3. The internet service that you are getting from your ISP should be active. For this, you can call the internet service provider also and discuss your issue with them. You can also login using the orbilogin.com web address to get out of this issue instantly. Reboot the router and satellite so that any issue that might have raised in your router and the satellite will go out. Reboot the modem and reconnect it to your Orbi router. 
  4. To reboot the modem, unplug it from the all current supplying slot. Only leave the power jack to be connected to it as it is the cable through which your modem receives the internet from the internet service provider of your WIFI. After unplugging the modem wait for 30 to 40 seconds and then plug the cable back to the router and restart the router.  Make login again from the web browser that you have.

What is Orbi app?

The NETGEAR’s Orbi app is a software orbi-app-devicesapplication that is specially meant for the users of Orbi Mesh WIFI Routers. The Orbi app gives its users the most convenient access to their router and its various features. They can do “Remote Management” that is used to monitor and control your home network anytime and anywhere.

Smart parental control gives the parents and the guardian an authority to control over the activity of their kids when they are online and using the internet. This also helps to filter the content and limit online browsing time automatically for whom you want to do so with the help of the Circle On feature. You can even pause your wifi anytime, update firmware, and much more that you can perform using this Netgear Orbi App.

It also gives you access to Armore Security feature that is the most advanced cybersecurity feature on your network and it protects all devices from online threats and online hacker’s attacks. Moreover, with this feature, you get the “Speed Test” to test the speed of your internet connection for which you are paying for. The “Traffic Monitor” lets you monitor the internet usage over the time periods.